Razzoli Island

North of Budelli, Razzoli is the fifth biggest island in La Maddalena National Park, with an estimated surface of one square kilometre and a coastline stretching over twelve kilometres.
It is characterised by a unique indented coast and a mountainous shape, culminating in the highest peak of
Monte Cappello, 65 m. 

What takes over here is the unpolluted vegetation, along with the copious presence of marine animals, with pure and rich depths, perfect for snorkelling.

Foto: Mirko Ugo

The only landing place in Razzoli, Cala Lunga is a deep bay where mooring is only possible when eastern winds blow. 

At the end of the inlet, the beach is made out of pebbles and fine sand, and it is relatively frequented in the summer, since you can only reach it by sea. From the beach, visitors can start exploring Razzoli island, enjoying the landscape of Mediterranean scrub and wind-carved granite rocks. The helichrysum is very common on the island and it provides the area with yellow shades and a distinctive scent.

Also from the beach, you can walk through the mule track until Razzoli lighthouse: it is an easy 2 km-way that was once used to carry all the necessary goods to the families staying at the lighthouse. These days it allows visitors to enjoy a breathtaking view both on the island and on Bonifacio Strait. The building of the lighthouse dates back to 1833-1834. Overlooking the sea, it was extremely powerful and required the work of many families. It consisted of a three storey construction, painted in black and white bands, and its beacon had a geographical scope of 22 miles. In March 1969, due to the cracks in the outside walls and to the noise of the three powerful diesel engines, the lighthouse became uninhabitable and the staff was transferred to other assignments. Five years later, in March 1974, a new lighthouse was built, not far from the first one, so as to ensure its independent working with the aid of solar panels.

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