Since the end of the 18th century, the strategic position of La Maddalena in the Mediterranean area determined its inevitable destiny as a military objective. That is the reason why many fortifications were built, initially on the main island and on Santo Stefano, and since the end of the 19th century all over the Archipelago.

Amongst these important and powerful military buildings we remember Nido d'Aquila, Punta Tegge, Punta Sardegna’s landing place, Punta Rossa, Capo Tre Monti, and the nearby upland, to allow arched shoots: Guardia Vecchia, I Colmi, Trinita and Punta Villa.

Technical progress in the navy aviation field made the fortifications extremely vulnerable to air attacks. This meant it was absolutely necessary to employ new building strategies aiming at a rigorous camouflage. Between World War I and World War II, the most peripheral forts were born: they were normally made of concrete and later covered with granite boulders, arranged so as to loyally reproduce the rough morphology of our territory.
These military buildings are extremely relevant both for functional reasons and, moreover, for their impressive aspect: big size, natural location, juxtaposition of support and containment walls. 

A key concept to bear in mind when you visit the fortifications of La Maddalena National Park is that this unique protection system is strongly linked to more than two centuries of Europe’s history and culture.

Enjoy your visit to these historic sites and discover our islands’ cultural beauties: let them wash over you!

La Maddalena’s Fortifications

Caprera’s Fortifications

Spargi’s Fortifications

Santo Stefano’s Fortifications

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