Trail n. 11 - Candeo

Candeo fortress – impressive anti-ship artillery, built in early nineteen hundreds, equipped by the Navy in World War 2 - can be reached by leaving the car in the parking areas at the foot of the Arbuticci fortress.

This route runs along a winding military mule track that descends to the sea, cutting through the aromatic Mediterranean brush, from the spectacular blooms of its essences-juniper, myrtle, arbutus berry, Euphorbia and broom- who grow alternatively at different times of the year. The landscape background is of extraordinary wild beauty, in a timeless and still uncontaminated place.

Once arrived at the sea, the arrow sign points you to go deep inside the granitic maze of the fortification, a worthy example of disguised architectural technique, with lookouts and outposts so perfectly embedded in the rock, to seem integral part of it. In addition to the past building skill of the military personnel, impressive are the pink color tones of the rocks, with their irregular and yet perfect shapes they stand out against the blue background of the sea, while the rupicolous plants growing in their nooks and crevices are their natural ornaments.

Head back by taking the winding road, but not before stopping at the bay for a dive from the peer.

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