Trail n.12 Punta Crucitta

The coastal and circular trail that connects Arbuticci fortress to Candeo in the northern side of Caprera, is certainly the most significant and interesting hike for its historical aspects, as well as for the beauty of the natural landscape and panoramas. It starts at the foot of Arbuticci fortress, by entering the mule track further north, which slopes downhill, and you can catch the blue gleam of the sea through the granitic spurs of a beautiful pinkish color as well as birds of prey may be spotted flashing by in the clear skies.

Leaving an ilex grove behind, the mule track turns into a regular trail, surrounded by tall and thick Myrtles and Heather. Following the signs to Cala Crucitta, the walk uphill is short but rough; once at the summit you find a few small military posts, embedded in the rocks, which offer a magnificent panoramic viewpoint to observe the pathway from the top.

Passing the top going downhill you will reach two crossroads next to each other, follow the signs to Candeo. Here, the trail winds through juniper groves and low scrub, right behind the coastal line, cutting through a wilderness sometimes inhospitable area yet of an unquestionable beauty, marked only by unobtrusive cairns, until it joins with the winding mule track that from Candeo reaches up to the starting point.

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