Trail n. 9 - Poggio Stefano

The beginning of the trail up to Poggio Stefano, second peak Caprera ridge, is reached by walking along the paved road that connects the lower pine woods of Caprera to the Arbuticci fortress in the North of the island. Since there is not a designated parking area near the start point of this trail, you may park at your discretion, either at the foothill of the fortress or Monte Tejalone.

Although a short hike it is very gratifying, while offering magnificent panoramic views. You will reach Poggio Stefano, an old military lookout, walking uphill along a path mingled between low scrub and extraordinary granitic rock formation, the most recognizable of which is the “man with the gun”. In the upper part, the old mule track, connecting rout to the poggio, re-emerges in the vicinity of a nineteenth-century barracks.

From here, a granite staircase, now deteriorated by time and wear and tear, leads to the lookout at this time no longer accessible due to the recent collapse of the domed ceiling. Paying extreme attention, especially on windy days, once at the granitic plate at the summit, you can enjoy an enchanting and impactful view of the promontory of Coticcio with the two coves widely known for the very shimmering turquoise color of the sea, the Monaci islets, capo Ferro, La Maddalena Island, cala Garibaldi and Arbuticci fortress, Monte Tejalone. Spectacular even at night for an unconventional excursion under a full moon.

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