Trail n.14 - Cala Napoletana

Among the several trails available to choose from, this one in particular, best enables to appreciate the uniqueness of all aspects enshrined in Caprera island: landscape and nature with their emphatic beauty intermingle gently with the its historic high value.

The trail starts at the foot of Arbuticci fortress, taking the old cart road further north, walking downhill you reach a shady ilex grove, beyond which the trail goes through deep scrub of thick heathers and myrtles. Where the vegetation starts thinning out, turn left at the crossroad toward Cala Napoletana. Continue going slightly downhill, before arriving in one of the most scenic spots of the trail: a broken-down lookout post that will make your effort definitely worthwhile - a spectacular far view of the Bonifacio strait, and the northwestern islands of the National Park, Barrettini, Corcelli, S.Maria, Budelli e Razzoli.

Once left the lookout post behind, you will reach Cala Napoletana, an ample bay where the sea offers its magnificent shades of blue, which includes two small beaches, perfect spot for a soothing swim.

Continuing North, behind the beach, you will reach the isthmus of Punta Crucitta. After an unforgettable visit of the golden sand beach, head back following the stone markers on the quite rough path that clambers to a small military posts and connect to the very first trail taking you to the starting point.

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