Trail n. 6 - Poggio Zonza

The trail to Poggio Zonza, in the heart of Caprera, offers an exciting opportunity to visit the sites inhabited in the past by shepherds from Corsica, first permanent residents of Caprera since the end of 1600. The so-called "antiche case corse" (old Corsica style homes), what is left of them, are the only trace remaining of their wild and modest way of leaving furtively nestled in the vegetation and the granitic rocks.

Taking the paved road to Arbuticci, turn right at the crossroad toward Poggio Rasu, and in 450 meters you will be at the beginning of the trail that goes up a steep slope, through a magnificent grove of Arbutus, "noble" essence of the Mediterranean shrub and nearby old houses.

Once over the top of the hill, the view is breathtaking...stop, enjoy and continue downhill to Capriona fountain. From here, turning left, following the paved road for a short distance and take the trail back as marked by the directional signs. Nearby, right at the bottom of the hill, you will find the ruins of a "casa corsa" (Corsica style house) that once belonged to the Zonza family, now extremely deteriorated. The toponymy attributed to the area derives from the family name. The walk ends, through a sparse pine wood, enjoying an impressive scenery over the Moneta strait and La Maddalena island.

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