Trail n. 15 - Cala Caprarese

Once parked the car at the foothill of Arbuticci Fortress, you will reach the beginning of the trail by walking downhill using the firefighting route to Cala Garibaldi.

This easy trail starts by taking the first right at the crossroad to Cala Caprarese accessable by crossing Pian delle Spugne, going through the now thin pinewoods, severely depleted by a fire at the end of 80s. The National Park is presently carrying out a reforestation program by planting local species trees.

The trail narrows down by a massive granitic rock of sinuous shape, sloping gently to the sea at the end of the plateau, where among flat rocks, enchanting meadows get covered in the spring time by a blanket of crocus/perennials flowering plants, romulee/Iris plants, daisies, gentianaceae/flowering plants and orchids and then in the summer the strong and fresh fragrance of the puleggio (Mentha pulegium) takes over. You will reach the deep cove, with very shallow water, stepping onto the rocks to avoid crossing through a thick bed of soft rush.

If you rather not backtrack your way back to the starting point, you can complete the loop trail, following the signs to Cala Napoletana and then on the right to “Arbuticci Fortress”.

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