Trail n. 7 - Monte Tejalone

The trail entrance up to Mount Tejalone, the highest peak of the ridge of Caprera, can be easily identified traveling along the paved road that connects the lower part of pine woods of Caprera, to the fortress of Arbuticci.

From the small parking area, following the arrow signs, we start walking on a rough steep hill under a deep wood of holm oaks (Quercus ilex), a rare trace of early formations once present on the island. In autumn and during the winter, the Ilex grove offers the perfect soil to various species of boleti and other species of colorful mushrooms not all edible but certainly very spectacular. As you continue uphill, the view of the town of la Maddalena, beyond the Moneta channel, is striking; your attention is captured by the geographical outline of the archipelago that becomes clearer and sharper as you go.

In the proximity of the small barracks with a kitchen, built between the two world wars, you can spot a staircase built with blocks of rocks that wrapping around the granitic pinnacle of Mount Tejalone, wounds steeply up to the top where there is the old lookout post that presently houses the Fire Station.

Here, at the highest peak of Caprera the vista is majestic: the view extends from the coast of Gallura to the Bonifacio strait, losing sight of it on the eastern side in the infinite blue of the horizon line, disrupted only by the outlines of the isles of Monaci. Backtracking down the stairway, right past the small barracks, you the now catch the winding trail, where Heather and Arbutus berry fill the edges, down toward to the “Capriona fountain”. Short walk on the paved road takes you back to parking lot, the starting point of this trail.

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