Scrophularia trifoliata

Family: Scrophulariaceae
Local name:
Scrofularia trifogliata
English name:
Three-leaved Figwort
Habitat: humiferous and shaded soils

Description: The Three-leaved figwort is a perennial herbaceous plant, with a quadrangular stem, which is glabrous, erect and knotty. Blooming goes from May to July: flowers are slightly pedunculated and arranged into axillary cymes. It can be found on the edge of woods, in sheltered corners and microenvironments, both on the ground and on rocks, notwithstanding the substratum. This species is present on the islands of the National Park of La Maddalena Archipelago. 

It is endemic to Corsica, Sardinia and Tuscan Archipelago. In Sardinia it is quite typical and it spreads all over the island.


Texts: National Park, with the collaboration of Associazione G.Cesaraccio - ProNatura APS
Pictures: Tommaso Gamboni (Ass.G.Cesaraccio - ProNatura APS)

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