Romulea requienii

Family: Iridaceae
Local name:
Zafferanetto di Requien
English name:
Romulea requienii
Habitat: moisty lawns

Description: The Romulea requienii is a perennial herbaceous plant, reaching a height between 3 and 10 cm, with a usually pyriform bulb, wrapped by chestnut brown leathery tunic. Higher than the flowers, the leaves are linear and semi cylindrical. Blooming takes place between February and April, with purplish-blue flowers. 

It can be found in Sardinia and Corsica. 


Texts: National Park, with the collaboration of Associazione G.Cesaraccio - ProNatura APS
Pictures: Tommaso Gamboni (Ass.G.Cesaraccio - ProNatura APS)


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