Erodium corsicum

Family: Geraniaceae
Local name:
Becco di gru corso
English name:
Erodium corsicum Léman
Habitat: coastal cliffs

Description: The Erodium corsicum Léman is a perennial herbaceous plant, reaching up to 25 cm of height, slightly pulvinate, with cespitose stems, which are woody at the base and herbaceous on top. Leaves are grey-greenish and petiolate, while flowers may be solitary or grouped, pink in colour, with dark purple veinings, and light brown tomentose hairy bracts. Blooming goes from March to October.

It can be found on coastal cliffs up to 200 m above the sea level.


Texts: National Park, with the collaboration of Associazione G.Cesaraccio - ProNatura APS
Pictures: Tommaso Gamboni (Ass.G.Cesaraccio - ProNatura APS)


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