Arum pictum

Family: Araceae
Local name:
Gigaro sardo-corso
English name:
Autumn arum
Habitat: shaded woods, moist lawns, stream banks

Description: Arum pictum is a perennial herbaceous plant up to 50 cm tall, with rhizome. It has few leaves: only 1-2 are radical and arranged as a spiral, while the others are late-growing, during the winter season. Blooming between October and November, its flowers are purple-red in the base of the spadix and form a cylindrical unrefined glomerule. The fruits consist of berries, whose colour changes from white to green, until reaching bright red when ripe.

It can be found in Sardinia, Corsica, Tuscan Archipelago (precisely on Montecristo Island) and on the Balearic Islands. 



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Pictures: Tommaso Gamboni (Ass.G.Cesaraccio - ProNatura APS)

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