Arenaria Balearica

Family: Caryophyllaceae
Local name:
Arenaria delle Isole Baleari
English name: Mossy sandwort

Habitat: moist and shaded areas, cliffs

Description: Arenaria balearica is an endemic perennial herbaceous plant, with trailing stems and tiny ascending branches. Its 2-4 mm leaves are opposite, ovate and ciliate on the margin. Solitary on the apex, the flowers consist of 5 white ovate petals, which are twice the length of the sepals. Blooming goes from April to July. 

It can be found in Sardinia, Corsica and on the Balearic Islands. 


Texts: National Park, with the collaboration of Associazione G.Cesaraccio - ProNatura APS
Pictures: Tommaso Gamboni (Ass.G.Cesaraccio - ProNatura APS)

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