Spargi's Fortifications

Punta Zanotto

Position: Spargi island. You can reach it by sea, mooring at the military dock on the north-west edge of the island. From here, there is an uphill trail that leads to a plateau with an amazing view on the camouflaged buildings.

The coastal fortification of Punta Zanotto was erected during the Interwar period. It is considered an excellent example of camouflage and military engineering, being a perfect shelter against large-caliber naval artillery. On the left of the big barracks there is an engraved marble plaque, with the building’s motto: EST FORTIUM SPECTARE FATA SILENTES (strong people contemplate their destiny in silence). Masterfully hidden by a granite upholstery, the shooting platform still has the original marble plaques indicating its purpose. Towards the coast, several trails lead to different areas in the fort. Facing Spargiotto islet, there is the service area for the 120/40 mm cannon for illuminating shooting, as well as the base and post for the lighthouse. The large-caliber artillery is located in different posts, at a distance of around 100 m apart and at various heights. An excellent example of camouflage, the visit through the whole structure takes a few hours. Once you end the tour, the departure docking gives the chance to dive into crystalline waters, with a rich seabed. 

Fort Zavagli 

Position: near the popular Cala Corsara on Spargi island.

Dedicated to a Sub-Lieutenant, Carlo Zavagli, the building dates back to 1912. Its round-shaped shooting platform, surrounded by walls and made of cement, was located in the rear area and included disclosure sections. The range finder emplacement was built the same way and faced the shooting platform. Behind this, there were two constructions: one was used as ammunition dumps and was served by a rail for transport purposes through specific carriages; the other was the seamen small barracks. Surrounding these, there are the tanks, the kitchen, the oven and the outhouses. To the left of the wide beach, on a rocky spur - almost as famous as Testa della Strega - from which you can see the popular Cala d’Alga to the west, there is the photoelectric base, two small buildings and a small landing place at sea. From Cala Corsara, going upwards through the mule track, until the range finder goniometric station and the lookout of Punta Preposti, you will be able to admire the amazing Strait of Bonifacio.





Source: Barbara Calanca, Il Cammino delle Fortificazioni: la Piazzaforte di La Maddalena

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